Jiffy.ai Automates Claims Processing For Global Health Insurance Provider; Reduces Time To Complete From 6 Days To 7 Minutes.

Executive Summary

Our client, a Fortune500 health insurance provider, wanted to reduce turnaround times in processing claims for their customers. Marred by manual tasks and tedious processes, the client was looking to automate these processes to increase accuracy, reduce errors and serve their customers more effectively.

They chose Jiffy.ai to achieve these goals.


A Fortune500 global health insurance provider

Processes automated

Claims processing

Turnaround time

Takes only 7 minutes to process a claim request

100% Accuracy

Near-zero error rate in processing the claim requests

Client’s challenges

Delays in claims processing:

It took up to 6 days to complete the review of a single claim. Given customers reached out to an insurance company at situations of medical vulnerabilities, this was too long and unacceptable.

Error-prone processing:

The complexity of the work, the detail-orientation required, and the long hours, all led to an unacceptable rate of errors.

Repetitive work leading to employee dissatisfaction:

The client’s operations team had to sift through every single line in each document in the process of verification. With huge volumes of claims to be processed, this meant a lot of mundane paperwork, leading to boredom and burnout.


Jiffy.ai’s intelligent document processing capabilities, plus cognitive automation helped streamline claims processing operations.

Email automation:

Jiffy.ai monitors a mailbox for new claim requests from customers. Once a new request is received, it sends to the document processor for verification.

Intelligent document processing:

Leveraging cognitive automation capabilities, the bot verifies the claim and checks the document for any information pending from the requestor.

Timely notification and follow ups:

The bot identifies pending information and notifies the customer requesting them to update this information. The bot also sends reminders and follow-ups to ensure this information is received.

Claims processing and completion:

Once the bot has verified the request with all the necessary data, it loads it to the online application for claims processing. The bot also checks the application for the status of the claim and updates the customer on the status.


Increase in processing capacity:

Processing capacity of the operations team increased to 5000 claims a day.

Significant reduction in processing time:

Jiffy.ai took 7 mins taken to process a claim request, down from 6 days earlier.

100% accuracy:

Jiffy.ai delivered a near-zero error rate while processing claim requests

ROI realization:

in 6 months

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