Jiffy.ai Automates Product Information Management For Leading E-commerce Company With 100% Accuracy, To Enable Audit Compliance.

Executive Summary

Our client is a leading global consumer goods company, manufacturing over 35 product brands across 20 categories, earning a revenue of 5 billion USD. In order for their e-commerce listing to remain compliant across South East Asian and Australian (SEAA) countries, the teams were currently performing manual verification of product information.

Jiffy.ai automated this process with 100% accuracy, and drastically improved turnaround times, across 300 SKUs.


A $5B global consumer goods company

Processes automated

Auditing the compliance of eCommerce listings

Time to Implement


Technology provider


Client’s challenges

Manual copy-and-paste of information across multiple country listings:

To endure compliance, the team copying and pasting its official eCommerce listings across systems before comparing it with a master list. This took inordinate time and was prone to errors.

Format mismatch:

The audit needed text and image data from various e-commerce listings to be compared with an in-house master list. The various data formats made it tedious and required more manual labour for standardization.

High rate of errors:

Because of the tedium of the job and the volume of data to be collated and compared, human errors crept into the process.

Delay in deriving actionable insights:

Audit was labour intensive and it took a long time before any actionable insights regarding non-compliance could be identified, costing the client time, money and business opportunities.


Jiffy.ai brought its cognitive document processing capabilities to extract, understand and update information from various documents across applications.

Seamless and error-free collection of data:

Jiffy.ai bots read the SKU list and crawl the marketplace to extract the required information and store them in the Jiffy database for comparison.

Parallel processing for increased efficiency:

While this extraction is going on, another bot runs in parallel and compares details against the master list in the repository, while a third bot generates comparison reports for business users.

Complete control of audit management:

With Jiffy.ai’s in-built UI portal, business users are able to select the list of SKUs to be included in each automated audit. They are also able to add/delete SKUs in a few clicks.

Timely analytics and insights:

The search as well as comparison results are presented to the business users on the Jiffy Data Interface screens and analytics reports.


Automation coverage:

300 SKUs covered in automation

100% accuracy:

while extracting text and image data

Super-fast cycle times:

2 minutes cycle time to complete capture of an SKU on each marketplace

20X improvement:

in audit frequency after automation

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