Jiffy.ai automates time-intensive IT operations; tickets resolved 24×7, 400+ hours saved every month.

Executive Summary

Our client, the Middle East office of a Big Four auditing firm, with a 5000+ employees, needed to streamline time-consuming activities in service operations and IT maintenance, which were dependent on heavy manual effort.

With Jiffy.ai, they automated these tasks to run with minimal human intervention, thus keeping the IT ticket desk available 24X7.


The Middle East office of a Big Four auditing firm

Processes automated

IT service operations and maintenance

Cognitive capabilities

24/7 ticket prioritisation for resolution

Turnaround time

7X turnaround time improvement

Client’s challenges

Huge volume of user-related requests:

Employees raised a heavy volume of user account tickets — access to network, privileges, password reset requests. The IT team received around 200 account-related requests and more than 50 password reset requests on average each day.

Time-consuming routine tasks:

The IT team serviced routine requests for software upgrades, access management, system replacement requests etc. Software upgrades/installation would take close to 2 hours, while system replacement requests took more than 4 hours to service.

Labour-intensive HR and IT maintenance work:

There were around 100 employee onboarding and 75 off-boarding requests per month which took between 45-60 mins per request.

Delayed resolution of email-related requests:

With more than 750 tickets raised for activating or de-activating emails, each of which took an average of 30 minutes to close, mail group activation/de-activation was a task that regularly ran into delays, affecting employee productivity.

Employee dissatisfaction and burnout:

IT personnel were reporting issues because of the tedium and the volume of the work. Employees across departments felt hindered by delays and inefficiencies in IT processes.


Jiffy.ai’s pre-determined process packages helped the client onboard quickly, and realise ROI in a matter of weeks.

Automation of ticketing portal and ticket management:

The Jiffy.ai bot monitors and interacts with the ticketing portal for tickets/requests.

Cognitive capabilities for solution management:

Jiffy.ai reads requests, and triggers tasks which are already automated, such as resetting passwords, granting access to folders and networks etc. The bot analyses the ticket priority and addresses tickets accordingly. Since the bot is in the polling mode, the tickets get addressed immediately and hence are able to be resolved 24/7.

Jiffy Data Interface for manual interventions:

The bot marks tasks that are not automated for manual intervention, and triggers email to IT personnel for manual intervention. The bot updates the ticketing tool status as well. The business user can view tickets addressed by Jiffy.ai and the status of each ticket with the Jiffy Data Interface.

Dynamic scaling:

During peak-hours, the client was able to deploy more bots. And during non-peak hours, these were reallocated for multiple other tasks.


24x7 automation coverage:

IT processes now run 24x7 with minimal manual intervention.

TAT improvement:

7X improvement in turnaround times. 70% of tasks closed within 5 minutes as compared to 24-72 hours earlier

Significant cost and productivity savings:

400+ hours saved, equivalent to 16 days a month


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