Jiffy.ai performed Customer Identification Program (CIP) review for 150,000 customers in less than six months?

Executive Summary

Our client, a global BSFI player with more than 90 million customers around the world, wanted to perform a Customer Identification Program (CIP) review for their trust account holders. This involved a comprehensive review of several unformatted documents for over 150,000 clients with trust accounts. This required a very comprehensive review process involving a huge volume of documents. Manual verification would have taken years and had to employ hundreds of personnel.
With Jiffy.ai, the client saved time, reduced errors, saved costs and improved customer satisfaction by ensuring least inconvenience to them.


A large BFSI organization with more than 90 million customers around the world.

Processes automated

Customer Identification Program (CIP), also known as Know Your Customer (KYC).

Turnaround Time

95% reduction in turnaround time

Document Processing

12X reduction in effort required to process a new document

Client’s challenges

Heavy volume of documents:

CIP/KYC verification for over 150,000 customers necessitated a review of as many documents or more. Manual verification will not only be time-consuming, but also error-prone.

Tight deadlines:

Our client was under a tight schedule to complete the CIP/KYC process. This meant that manual processing was unviable, requiring significant investment in cost, time and effort.

Failed trials:

The client had tried alternate automation solutions for processing documents using open source tools and other methods, which added to the complexity, giving rise to additional challenges.

Increased cost to customer:

Eventually, the customer had to bear overhead costs of maintaining these KYC documents.


As a ‘gamechanger’ in the BFSI space (as listed by IDC), Jiffy.ai had an industry-specific solution suited perfectly to the needs of our client.

Jiffy.ai's intelligent document processing capabilities scanned documents with OCR, extracted relevant details, flagged documents which did not have the required information, and created reports and audit trail across all touchpoints.

Bots were designed to

Extract client data from various systems and repositories to verify their information and validate existing client information.

Send emails to clients requesting them to fill in missing information and track reminders.

Flag the data for manual intervention to handle exceptions using Jiffy Data Interface.

Update source systems once a CIP/KYC document was validated.

Jiffy.ai automated complex processes, bringing together its cognitive capabilities, machine learning and natural language processing features. With a combination of rule-based and intelligent automation, Jiffy.ai processed hundreds of thousands of documents in record time. With each exception, Jiffy learned to interpret complex data formats, minimizing manual intervention with long-term use.


Efficiency and TAT improvement:

90% improvement in efficiency and 95% reduction in turnaround time

Automation coverage:

90% automation coverage, resulting in 12X reduction in effort required to process a new document

High volumes handled with ease:

200,000 documents processed

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