Managing customer expectations during times of crisis with automation

Executive Summary

“Work from Home”, “Digital Nomads” - such terminologies have been around to describe the twenty-first century workplace. The transition has been gathering pace steadily but is nowhere near 100% preparedness. However, the sudden pandemic crisis has pushed for remote work today in the here and now; and everyone - employers, staff, customers, are left grappling in its aftermath.

Business Challenges

For telecom providers, it is not enough to have the fastest network or the strongest infrastructure:

It is also critical to provide unbeatable customer experience. During times of crisis, communication networks need to perform at their peak. The demand for better and stronger network availability can ultimately put immense pressure on the service agents as they typically make up the front line of interaction with a provider’s customers or its’ clients’ customers. Their challenges include handling significant numbers of client concerns at great speed and working overtime in order to address calls within appropriate timeframes to meet SLAs.

Solution – expertise in automated helpdesk assistance

In order to better manage handling and answering customer inquiries, can implement specific workflow automation that removes manual intervention from agents and improves overall speed to resolution. At the beginning of a customer interaction, our automation bots can identify unresolved queries in real time and pick them up from the queue. Information about the query is gathered, classified and prioritized. An Oracle system is then used to track and trace the queries, and the bots update the data based on the request.

Benefits of implementation include

30% reduction in response time

40% reduction in dropped calls

30% increase in agent efficiency

Average call time reduction from 6 minutes to 3-4 minutes

Possible Results can automate and speed up the entire customer support helpdesk operations by handling inbound queries on a priority basis so customers are served on a first come, first served basis. We ensure:

• 24/7/365 global support with increased customer satisfaction
• Live monitoring of the system with bots taking corrective action
• Uptime guarantee - 99.9% uptime SLA with service credits

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