Speed Up Remote Employee Onboarding with Jiffy.ai

Executive Summary

A global leading professional services firm faced high new hire processing times and time burdens on its HR teams, especially during peak onboarding seasons. They struggled with traditional, manual onboarding processes to recruit their client’s contract resources across different countries and timezones.

Client’s challenges

Employee onboarding plays a critical role in a new hire's success and longevity within an organization:

A good onboarding experience is even more important for remote employees since they do not have as many opportunities to organically integrate into the company processes and culture. Like any other HR process, it requires a lot of information and documentation, as well as access to different systems, teams and timezones.

Our client needed to:
• Onboard 450-500 employees annually, with very high recruiting activity peaks only during a few, specific months.
• Reduce processing time for each new employee, which was taking an average of 3 hours per new hire.
• Handle peak season demands that were adversely impacting the HR teams’ effectiveness and increase the total number of employees that could be onboarded per day.


Jiffy.ai simplified and automated 80% of the remote onboarding activities, which were previously handled manually by the HR, IT and Facility teams

The automation solution included handling the unique automation challenge of managing the peaks and valleys of seasonal onboarding volumes. This ensured a warm, seamless, easy process for the new hires as they became a part of the organization.

Business advantages included

Increased onboarding capacity, up to 100 employees per month.

Decreased onboarding time from 3 hours to 17 minutes.

Automated 16 of the 20 critical HR processes.

Onboarding processes run 24x7 with minimal or no manual intervention.


Nearly 600 contractors were onboarded per quarter and Jiffy.ai helped our client manage the process by:

• Developing a web portal as an easy interface for quick resolutions, including chatbot support.
• Automating tedious and time-consuming tasks to allow the HR team to focus on strategic work.
• Setting up an exchange mailbox for frictionless communication with new employees via bots.
• Creating User IDs for new hires via bots, providing appropriate access to internal systems and knowledge repositories.

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