In the wake of COVID-19, the U.S. Congress passed the CARES Act,
which includes the Paycheck Protection Program that makes available forgivable loans to small businesses.

The banking and lending industry has been overwhelmed with the volume of loan applications and is struggling to plan for how to effectively manage the loans once approved. And customers are frustrated.

Our SBA PPP intelligent loan automation solution can help.

It can manage origination and processing, and specifically addresses loan forgiveness administration.

> 75%


Through Web-based, AI-enabled RPA platform



In manual processing through intelligent document processing



With human-bot orchestration and automated learning

Our solution will also help manage the rules associated with how funds are used, helping your institution ensure they are spent according to the SBA PPP’s forgiveness guidelines. And our ready-to-implement solution will provide your customers with an excellent user experience.

Improve the loan application and management process

Ensure spending rules are followed so loan forgiveness applies and your costs to administer remain under control

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty