What’s Next in the Journey to Build the Backbone that Powers Autonomous Enterprises?

by Kris Subramanian, Chief Operating Officer | Posted on Wednesday March 9, 2022

Automation-driven autonomy is here and it’s real. Are you ready for it?

We embarked on materializing the concept of an integrated intelligent automation platform for enterprises back in 2019. The journey so far has been nothing short of a thriller. Today we have passed another significant milestone in this amazing journey.

We secured Series B funding from investors including Eight Roads Ventures, Iron Pillar, R-squared, Nexus Venture Partners, Reaction Capital and Rebright Partners. We are using this fund to further advance our intelligent automation platform to the next level.

As the first step, we built the low-code intelligent automation platform and pre-packaged HyperApps that accelerated the business processes of customers from few key verticals. Global leaders in Automotive, Banking, Media, Telecom, and Travel industries have been using HyperApps built on the platform and reaping quick ROI benefits.

AI-driven decision making

Let us imagine that a Financial Advisor is seeking an appropriate product for their client.  The automated front-office technology powered by uses AI to suggest a product, and enables the Financial Advisor to satisfy the client’s need. All relevant data will be captured and shared with the mid and back-office systems real-time.

Earlier, effecting such changes on the legacy infrastructure would claim six to nine months of large enterprise IT teams, by which time the consumers would start clamoring for fresh product features or service bundles.

Over the last 18 months, we have cut short the window to deliver a custom HyperApp for new business processes. We build it in 3 months even with dynamic changes happening in real-time, and even while the app is in production. So, enterprises can accelerate innovations and go to market quickly, not worrying about infrastructure availability when they have to scale up and down.

Building ‘The Intelligent Mailroom’ with Docupace

We are building the wealth management industry’s most powerful suite of automation solutions; deploying leading-edge capabilities such as intelligent document processing, AI, RPA, ML and advanced analytics to deliver benefits at scale across enterprise operations along with Docupace, the leader in cloud-based fintech digital operations software.

As the first step towards creating this innovative suite of back-office automation applications, we are building the Intelligent Mailroom with Docupace – a point of entry for the majority of all documents processed and data coming into an organization. The first-of-its-kind solution replaces manual indexing and processing with intelligent, comprehensive automation increasing productivity, improving accurate document processing, and reducing operational burden and costs on the overall organization. It also empowers growth-minded firms to refocus valuable resources to more impactful activities.

The way forward

We are incrementally adding value to the integrated automation platform that will soon be the no-code autonomy backbone of choice for enterprises in any industry.

With timely support from investors and partners we have been able to build and test its scalability for large enterprises, including the Fortune Global 500 and the Big4 Consulting firms. The encouraging response from our customers, business users and investors are prompting us to flex our imagination and stretch our innovation further.

Ready to free your enterprise for growth in the future?

The impact of automation is real, and it is no longer a luxury.

Enterprises across industries are moving fast towards an autonomous future in which they aspire to be resilient, scalable, and adaptable. Intelligent business applications that run their processes will be able to learn and adapt to changing situations impacting the business landscape and even mimic human thinking and actions intelligently.

A significant percentage of their operations will be handled by smart software and machines —of course, with human in the loop for guidance and monitoring as circumstances change. Industry analysts and futurists agree that moving ahead in this direction can yield significant benefits such as greater productivity, better customer experiences, and faster growth.

Are you ready to build responsible autonomy into the future of your enterprise?

Join us in this journey.

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