Intelligent Document Processing: How to extract data and drive value for your business

The ability to capture and make better use of data to increase the efficiency of your enterprise team will be one the greatest areas of impact in the emerging future. Therefore, extracting data from various sources, including several types of complex documents, faster and more accurately, is imperative for all businesses.

If you are looking for the smartest document processing solution, this guide will help you discover the power of Intelligent Document Processing, which enables straight-through processing and touchless data extraction.

While manual data extraction is a tedious, error-prone and expensive process, solutions powered by Optical Character Recognition technology have several limitations.

So, what’s the best solution to extract valuable data from complex documents?’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution, powered by AI and ML, learns from human inputs and evolves over time. Download this eBook to discover how IDP ensures:

  • Higher accuracy, wider scope, and a better user experience.
  • High end-to-end touchless processing for the entire document lifecycle.
  • Rapid set-up, easy to maintain.
  • Accelerated ROI with smart learning.

Success with IDP

A global banking institution used our IDP solution to process over 200,000 Know Your Customer (KYC)/Customer Identification Program (CIP) documents 90% faster and more efficiently. The solution automated 90% of their manual business processes.

[eBook] Complexity, Context and Cognition: Converging the three key differentiators of Intelligent Document Processing

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