Meet’s HyperApps

Meet’s HyperApps

Our cloud-native HyperApps are specifically designed to help enterprises automate and improve the most complex business processes with ease.’s HyperApps simplify end-to-end business process automation with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, intelligent document processing, machine learning and advanced analytics. Reuse and scale your HyperApps to get more done – at a much lower cost – across your enterprise.

Intelligent Automation solutions for :

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

Our platform uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and RPA automation to help industries solve common challenges with their business processes. Read more about how Telecom providers can improve help desk operations, Banking & Financial Services minimize human interaction on repetitive tasks, and Finance & Accounting teams reduce errors while increasing turnaround times.

Office Automation Improves Telecom Customer Support Help Desks

The pressure on telecom networks increased when COVID-19 forced a telecom’s global workforce to work from home. Help desk teams struggled with customer inquiry volumes. AUTOMATE was the answer to improving their help desk operations and increasing agents’ efficiency by 30%.

KYC Business Process Automation with Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Know Your Customer processes can be tedious, expensive and inaccurate. Queue AUTOMATE, an intuitive automation platform that can step in and take over repetitive tasks seamlessly. Automation apps built on the platform learn and improve over time, minimizing human intervention.

Achieve process Efficiency in Finance and Accounting Functions

Companies that have implemented RPA in accounts payable and finance get their return on investment in six months or less, thanks to AUTOMATE and Invoice Processing HyperApp. Our automation reduced errors by 80% and shrunk turnaround time by 60%.


Our partners offer best-in-class consulting, implementation and business transformation support to ensure you meet your strategic objectives.

Customer Success Stories

From automated invoice processing to employee onboarding, automation intelligence provides business process transformation opportunities with proven results. Read case studies to see how these clients used the AUTOMATE platform to solve their business challenges.

Automating Employee Onboarding for a Global Professional Services Firm

Our client wanted to automate their new hire onboarding process to ensure a smooth first experience for their new hires, as well as make their HR teams more efficient. automated 80% of their onboarding activities, making the process fast and frictionless.


Automating Cancellation & Refund Queue Requests for a Leading American Airline

With global restrictions on travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our client faced an overload of requests for flight cancellations, rescheduling, and refunds. stepped in and automated the cancellation and refund queue process, clearing thousands of requests in less than a week.


Cognitive Invoice Processing for an Automobile Manufacturer

Our client wanted to automate their finance and accounting process. deployed a cognitive, self-learning RPA which was used to process structured and unstructured data, something that rule-based RPA platforms were unable to do. Turnaround time for invoice processing improved by 85%.