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Fast-track your digital transformation's AI-powered composable enterprise platform and HyperApps, purpose-built for financial services, deliver delightful digital experiences for customers, intelligent automation that drives operational efficiency, and effective risk and compliance management.


So many customer touchpoints and cumbersome external integrations! How do you create a seamless customer experience when all these are disjointed, processes are manual and error-prone, and workflows are slow?

Solution’s pre-built intelligent applications help you to simplify operational processes and workflows end-to-end – from onboarding to servicing – so you can reallocate time spent on repetitive tasks to building customer relationships.

" We care deeply about optimizing our clients' financial health, and to that end, our goal was to unify their experience across multiple business and product lines, to ensure they have unhindered access to all of the services they need.'s AI-powered platform enabled us to integrate all of our core applications and deliver an innovative and delightful client experience, quickly and easily. "

Jon Hendry, EVP and Chief Technology Officer

Our Product Offerings

Account Servicing

Make every customer interaction successful

Customers communicate with you in different ways -– chat, online, text, phone, or in person, at your branch -– and expect a seamless experience so they can get on with their day. automates all the front, middle and back-end account servicing processes from start to finish, while reducing administrative and support costs that eat away at your margins. So, you can be more responsive to customer needs.

Address change

Streamline change requests, validate documents, and ensure that relevant account changes are completed in real time – no manual work required.

Wire transfers

Make wire transfers faster and highly secure using a smarter, intuitive UI. Automate transfer workflows to ensure hassle-free transactions.

Card travel notifications

Customers traveling? Receive notifications and update account settings almost instantly to remove barriers to account access.

Beneficiary updates

Enable customers to update account beneficiaries in a few clicks through their channel of choice, with minimal errors.

Life status change

Reflect life status change requests on customer accounts faster – with all the necessary documentation and approvals.

Decedent processing

Process deceased holders’ accounts through automated beneficiary authentication, proof validations, and all associated steps.

Account Onboarding

Digitize onboarding end-to-end helps to make the entire onboarding process super-fast and flawless from sign-up to product activation and first use. Start delivering value to customers earlier, and get them up and running quicker with your products and services.

Digitizing documents

Classify the contents of various documents from multiple sources, and automatically route them for downstream processing.

Identity verifications

Verify customer identities and credentials faster using’s seamless handshakes with numerous third-party systems.

Seamless workflows

Streamline the entire account onboarding process across all account types and channels, and through back-end systems.

End-to-end integrations

Integrate your account opening system with external systems and downstream processes for quick and painless onboarding.

Customer Engagement

Elevate customer experience to the next level

Strengthen customer relationships with automated marketing campaigns, content delivery and outreach. Pick our pre-built HyperApps or build your own intelligent applications using our integrated platform - empowers you to boost revenue, reduce churn, and maximize customer lifecycle value.

Consolidated customer views

Provide your customers with a 360-degree view of their relationship with your bank at any point, so they can make informed decisions.

Contextual cross-sells

Engage with customers across all channels, gather customer insights, anticipate their needs, and offer products they’re likely to buy.

Timely customer insights

Create tailored marketing messages for the right customers at the right time based on insights, so they can find the right products easily. Autonomous Enterprise Platform

Build your own perspective into the digital transformation of customer experience, in a jiffy. Contact us to learn more.

The Advantage

We speak your language

Clients love working with our automation experts who have rich Banking industry experience.

We understand your challenges

Our pre-packaged automation applications solve the industry’s most pressing challenges.

We fast-track your transformation

Modular and easy to deploy, our full-stack, extendable no-code automation platform delivers rapid ROI.

We’ve got you covered is pre-integrated with CRM, banking, mortgage, cards, wealth, loan and treasury systems.

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