Intelligent automation
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The platform and process-specific HyperApps use the power of RPA, ML, AI, document processing, workflow, and analytics to drive significant ROI for these companies. Learn how we achieved their business goals through these intelligent automation case studies.

Orion saves thousands of hours, reinforces advisor-client relationships helped Orion discover and realize efficiencies in their business optimization roadmaps through intelligent automation, all while building lasting internal capabilities and delivering measurable outcomes for them.

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Intelligent Invoice Processing for a top

Our HyperApp ensured that the customer was able to achieve 85% straight through processing over a 12-week period across a volume of 150,000 invoices per month for 5,000 suppliers.

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Automated cancellation and refund for top US Airline, with its powerful hyperautomation capabilities, resolved thousands of hours of backlog in approximately six weeks. This helped the airline deliver a superior customer experience, despite the pandemic limitations.

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Automation boosts efficiency in Employee Onboarding automated 80% of the client’s onboarding activities, making the process faster, frictionless and a pleasant experience, overall. This was a welcome move for their HR team, that could focus on more strategic tasks.

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