Robust Integrations

RPA and Beyond’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) module facilitates seamless integrations with third-party systems. When API connectors aren't available, it simulates the manual process to accomplish a task. The recording feature helps business users to design such bots easily, and also to enhance them to handle variations.

AI-powered Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps businesses handle repetitive tasks by automating rule-based processes. RPA software ‘robots/bots’ mimic human interactions with systems and applications, allowing for the efficient execution of tasks like data entry and data extraction. While RPA offers significant time and cost savings, it is best suited for tasks with clear rules and structured data. However, when it comes to more complex processes or those requiring a human-like understanding of unstructured data, RPA might need reinforcements.

AI-enhanced integration intelligence’s AI-powered no-code enterprise platform: Empowering autonomous enterprises

Unlike RPA, our AI-powered no-code enterprise platform integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and a no-code approach, so users can design and deploy workflows that not only automate processes but also leverage AI for decision-making, natural language processing, and data analysis. The platform helps you build autonomous processes that can handle unstructured data, understand context, and make dynamic decisions based on evolving scenarios.

Future-proof your business with adaptive integrations

Beyond task automation to cognitive insights

Move beyond data entry and task-level automation, and start extracting insights from that data, understanding sentiment from customer interactions, and making informed decisions based on historical patterns. Our AI-powered no-code enterprise platform empowers you to transform entire processes by ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and the ability to derive meaningful insights from your data.

AI-enhanced integration intelligence

Elevate enterprise automation to a cognitive level with AI

Step ahead of merely automating tasks; our platform enables you to make sense of complex data, adapt to dynamic situations, and gain insights that drive informed decision-making.

Explore how to achieve intelligent, data-driven automation with our no-code enterprise platform.

RPA vs.

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