Smart Data Processing

Smart Data Processing’s AI-powered Document Processing solution identifies and extracts relevant data from various types of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents, such as ID cards, income statements, tax documents, utilities statements, receipts, driver’s licenses, invoices, and others, and feeds structured data into downstream systems. The hybrid processing engine and self-learning machine models place the solution far ahead of most industry peers in terms of accuracy, scope, and user experience.

Intelligent Document Processing Software

Intelligent Document Processing, with AI

Intelligent Document Processing, with AI’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) module combines the power of advanced cognitive technologies including AI, OCR, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) to process a wide variety of documents. It not only recognizes, learns, and captures the content (date, name, address, ID, income, invoice amount, etc.), but also delivers valuable business context to the destination applications such as CRM, ERP, Account Processing Core (Fiserv, FIS, Jack Henry, etc.), Loans, Payments, and others.

Simplify Data Extraction

Simplify Data Extraction’s IDP solution can handle dynamic and large volumes of documents, vendors, and formats. It extracts data accurately and quickly from multiple OCRs, fields and values, checkboxes and images, different formats, complex tables, handwritten text, address fields, camera images, various ID cards, driving licenses, receipts, and much more. Enterprise teams use it to derive actionable business insights faster and more efficiently.

Data Processing

‘Touchless’ Data Processing

The IDP solution learns data extraction rules based on human inputs, and then makes automatic corrections over time. It uses both standard OCR and visual attention-based OCR to recognize all values in a document and extract data accurately. Intuitive GUI enables business users to set up new document formats, templates, and workflows without IT involvement. Each new model improves document extraction accuracy.

Elevate employee experiences by eliminating tedious, repetitive data extraction work from myriad documents. Accelerate innovation with’s Intelligent Document Processing solution.

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