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Building the future of autonomous enterprises

Built on AI and no-code technologies, JIFFY.ai's full-stack platform enables banks, financial services companies, and Fortune 500 organizations to solve their pressing operational and efficiency challenges. Our ready-to-deploy HyperApps help business users to improve customer experience and realize the true value of digital transformation in a fast-tracked timeline.

Are you ready for automation-driven enterprise autonomy?

Automation-driven enterprise autonomy is here and it’s real. Our intelligent automation platform enables enterprises to build business applications that run their processes end to end with minimal human supervision.

The way forward

The way forward

We are incrementally adding value to the integrated automation platform that will soon be the autonomy backbone of choice for enterprises in any industry. With timely support from investors and partners we have been able to build and test its scalability for large enterprises, including the Fortune Global 500 and the Big4 Consulting firms.

" JIFFY.ai’s no-code platform and HyperApps enabled Cetera to build sustainable digital business operations and provide seamless transaction experiences to clients and financial advisors. With this partnership, we were able to boost process transparency and accuracy, reduce dependency on offshore outsourcing models, and manage risk more efficiently. "

Brent Gaddis, Head of Strategic Operations, Cetera Financial Group

Our Vision

Build the backbone that powers autonomous enterprises

As the first step towards realizing this vision, we built an integrated low-code/no-code platform that enables businesses to build their own intelligent automation HyperApps for enterprise processes. Global leaders in Automotive, Banking, Telecom, and Travel industries have been using the platform and HyperApps, and are reaping quick ROI benefits.

Our Leadership

Our founder leaders share a common belief: innovation is not a privilege but a right for all. In today's swiftly changing business landscape, staying competitive demands swift adaptation to cutting-edge technologies. However, not everyone possesses the technical prowess to turn innovative concepts into reality. They founded JIFFY.ai to become the transformative force, democratizing innovation through our Generative AI-powered Autonomous Enterprise Platform.

The vision of our leaders extends beyond mere technological advancement; it's about unleashing the immense potential within individuals. Our no-code platform is driven by their commitment to liberate minds from mundane tasks, enabling accelerated thinking, creation, and innovation.

Responsible innovation

Responsible innovation

While we believe in the power of advancing automation, we are also conscious of the social impact of this disruptive technology. We work closely with The Paanini Foundation and our clients to help them manage the potential workforce disruption caused by automation. We do this through upskilling initiatives that prepare the workforce for new-age jobs.


Meet our advisors and investors

We are proud to have some of the keenest minds from across various industries, technologies, and academic streams as advisors. Our investors partner with entrepreneurs to build global winners. They work with companies that disrupt existing markets, solve serious challenges, and build evergreen products.

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