Building the Future of Autonomous Enterprises

We started working on an integrated intelligent automation platform for enterprises back in 2019. Today we passed another significant milestone in this amazing journey. We secured Series B funding from investors including Eight Roads Ventures, Iron Pillar, R-squared, Nexus Venture Partners, Reaction Capital and Rebright Partners. We are using this fund to advance our platform to the next level.

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Are you ready for automation-driven enterprise autonomy?

Automation-driven enterprise autonomy is here and it’s real. Our intelligent automation platform enables enterprises to build business applications that run their processes end to end with minimal human supervision.

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The way forward

We are incrementally adding value to the integrated automation platform that will soon be the autonomy backbone of choice for enterprises in any industry. With timely support from investors and partners we have been able to build and test its scalability for large enterprises, including the Fortune Global 500 and the Big4 Consulting firms.

“We have introduced to companies throughout the world and discovered its approach is preferred for two reasons. The first is that many firms had previously written custom code to deliver automation – and then got stuck with outdated processes that were difficult to modify. They preferred a platform that would allow non-technical users to easily modify and improve their processes over time. The second is that competitors assume no responsibility for the many employees displaced by automation – forcing company leaders to deal with the implications. works with its customers to retrain and redeploy these employees – creating fairness in the system. The combination of the technological and social innovation demonstrated by makes it a superior solution for intelligent and sustainable automation. We are proud to be their partner!”
Dan Matthies, CFA CAIA - Founding General Partner, Reaction
Our vision

Build the backbone that powers autonomous enterprises

As the first step towards realizing this vision, we built an integrated low-code/no-code platform that enables businesses to build their own intelligent automation HyperApps for enterprise processes. Global leaders in Automotive, Banking, Telecom, and Travel industries have been using the platform and HyperApps, and are reaping quick ROI benefits.

Meet our Leaders

Our automation platform is inspired by the huge potential of people. Our founders harped constantly on how to unleash their true potential. How to liberate them from the tedium of the mundane. How to free them up so they can think faster; create faster; innovate faster. While we enable enterprises to gear up for tomorrow’s opportunities, we are equally excited to bring out the best in our people and empower them to achieve tomorrow's possibilities today.

Executive Team

Babu Sivadasan Chairman & CEO
Kris Subramanian Chief Operating Officer
Payeli Ghosh Chief People Officer
Sanjay Jain Chief Financial Officer
Suresh Ganapathy Chief Solutions Officer
Valsan Ponnachath Group President -
Financial Services
Jason White Group President -
Michael Partnow Group President -
Wealth Management

Leadership Team

Afilash Azeez VP - Project Management Office
Shreyas Chandrahasan VP - Customer Experience & Performance
Prasanth Perumparambil VP - Customer Success (APAC & EU)

Technology Leadership

Manish Pandey SVP, Head of Product & GTM Strategy
Sudhir Sen VP - Products
Joe Karimundackal VP - Engineering
Rajmohan Harindranath VP - R&D
Harindranath Nair VP - Chief Architect
Subin Perumbidy VP - Engineering
Regi Roy VP - Labs
Preethy Iyer Director - Product Management
Rahul Raj VP - Product Architect
Joseph Thomas VP - User Experience
Ajmal Ashraf Senior Architect Innovate
Sekhar Prakash VP - DevOps & Implementation

Responsible innovation

While we believe in the power of advancing automation, we are also conscious of the social impact of this disruptive technology. We work closely with The Paanini Foundation and our clients to help them manage the potential workforce disruption caused by automation. We do this through upskilling initiatives that prepare the workforce for new-age jobs.

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Meet our Advisors and Investors

We are proud to have some of the keenest minds from across various industries, technologies, and academic streams as advisors. Our investors partner with entrepreneurs to build global winners. They work with companies that disrupt existing markets, solve serious challenges, and build evergreen products. in a jiffy

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200+ Automation
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200+ Automations

Champion in the 2021 SoftwareReviews Robotic Process Automation Emotional Footprint Report
HFS 2020 Top 10 RPA Vendor
IDC Game Changer for Financial Services 2019
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