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Move ahead from automated to autonomous Finance helps Finance teams to transform operations from automated to autonomous. Our Finance HyperApps, delivered on a no-code, Generative AI-powered enterprise platform, enable you to provide delightful digital experiences, achieve autonomous decision making capabilities, and enhance operational efficiencies.

Finance Transformation with AI


Despite all the investments in technology, most Finance & Accounting (F&A) functions continue to fix process efficiency challenges, rather than focusing on delivering actionable insights to business stakeholders.

Solution's Finance HyperApps and no-code platform enable F&A teams to move from automated to an autonomous experience. The HyperApps seamlessly consolidate data, and connect people and processes across the organization, thus powering highly efficient, intelligent Finance operations.

Krishnan Reghunathan

" Leveraging the finance-ready HyperApps we co-created with, we have been able to bring a paradigm shift in the way global enterprises think and approach digital transformation. Finance leaders now clearly understand that it is about connecting systems meaningfully, adding the power of decision-making to processes, and freeing up people to build innovations. That, we know, is the first step towards the future of autonomous enterprises. "

Krishnan Reghunathan, Global Head, Finance & Accounting, WNS in Action

Top 10 Fortune 500 enterprise
Top 10 Fortune 500 enterprise

Millions of invoices processed every year with Invoice Processing HyperApp

F&A Managed Services leader
F&A Managed Services leader

Reimagining Record-to-Report using’s Micro Innovation Platform

Global airline
Global airline

Real-time reconciliations across millions of records using Reconciliation HyperApp

Boost straight-through processing with Procure-to-Pay HyperApp

Achieve straight-through invoice processing with the HyperApp that comes pre-packaged with a configurable supplier portal, AI-based invoice extraction, built-in processing rules, automated workflows, and integrations to various ERP and payment systems.

Vendor Onboarding

Automate the vendor onboarding process including document processing, credit checks, and more.

Quote Management

Automate the creation of purchase requisition and quote revision.

Invoice Processing

Automate Invoice processing across multiple suppliers, formats and invoice types.

Payment Processing

Automate payment processing including automated invoice approval and providing insights to cash flow management.

Automaker Casestudy

Client Success

Intelligent Invoice Processing for a Top Automaker

  • ROI realized in 6 months
  • Automated 90% of AP
  • Processing time from 8 hrs to 3 mins
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Achieve faster financial close and full-visibility reporting with Record-to-Report HyperApp

Empower your Finance team to close the book of accounts faster, ensure accuracy and integrity of financial data, and generate fiscal and statutory reports.

Journal Voucher Automation

Automate the processing of month-end Journal Vouchers into the ERP system.


Perform automated reconciliation of payments, bank statements, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

Task Management

Oversee accounting processes in a centralized manner – across tasks like month-end closing and PBC checklists.


Client Success

Faster Reconciliation for a leading global organization

  • 100% compliance in daily reconciliation
  • 95% reduction in manual effort
  • Reconciliation close time down from 48 hrs to >10 min

Order-to-Cash HyperApp

Manage Accounts Receivable, monitor cash flow, and get end-to-end visibility of the financial health of your business.

Master Data Management

Automate customer onboarding, maintenance and customer reporting.

Credit Management

Automate manual processes around credit approval, enhancements, credit limit enquiries, revisions and partial refunds.

Enable autonomous finance operations with Micro Innovation Platform

Leverage the power of autonomous decision-making on scenarios such as price blocks, cash allocations, cash flow, payment prioritization, and many more. Assemble new intelligent apps effortlessly using Generative AI, our pre-packaged Financial data model, pre-built system connectors, and pre-configured Finance widgets. Make your Finance operations truly touchless.

Get End-to-End AP Compliance and Visibility with e-Invoicing*

Connect with various e-Invoicing networks across the globe (Peppol*, Mercurius, Chorus Pro, and many more) and receive all invoice types. Our Invoice HyperApp converts, processes and delivers invoices to your downstream systems such as ERP.

How enables e-Invoicing

By combining the powers of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, brings you a truly automated end-to-end e-Invoice processing solution*. Its highly configurable dashboards enable AP managers to:

financial data

Analyze financial data and assure compliance with SLAs.


Facilitate collaboration within the organization and among trading partners.

Maximize early-payment

Maximize early-payment discounts and optimize working capital.

Lower the risk of overpayment and fraud

Lower the risk of overpayment and fraud.

e-Invoicing, or electronic invoicing, streamlines invoice management and simplifies how invoice and compliance documents work together. This helps companies to move away from the traditional use of paper invoices to a digital format, and enables them to stay on top of their cash flow and collaborate with their buyers from any location.

By digitizing invoice data and matching it against contracts, purchase orders, and goods receipts, e-Invoicing reduces the risk of errors and exceptions. When e-Invoices are transmitted over a digital business network and programmed with related document data and business rules, they can be validated automatically before posting for payment.

Peppol is a set of artifacts and specifications enabling cross-border e-Procurement. The use of Peppol is governed by a multi-lateral agreement structure which is owned and maintained by OpenPeppol.

Peppol’s technical specifications can be implemented in existing e-Procurement solutions and e-Business exchange services to make them interoperable between disparate systems across Europe.

It enables trading partners to exchange standards-based electronic documents including e-Orders, e-Advance Shipping Notes, e-Invoices, e-Catalogues, and Message Level Responses over the Peppol network.

Peppol Access Points connect users to the Peppol network and exchange electronic documents based on the Peppol specifications. Buyers and suppliers are free to choose their preferred single Access Point provider to connect to all Peppol participants on the network. enables suppliers and buyers across the globe to connect more efficiently and process payments faster. We can be your single point of reference and analysis for all invoice data globally, help you streamline your Accounts Payable operations across geographies, and achieve comprehensive payments visibility. As various countries are building their own e-Invoicing networks, we are continuously enhancing our product to work seamlessly with all new invoice formats.

How enables e-Invoicing

D-I-Y Supplier Portal: Our solution includes a fully customizable supplier portal that brings all users on a single platform, enables validation at source, and ensures significant reduction in time and expense for enterprises and vendors. Suppliers can upload invoice information using templates, key in one-off invoices, and get real-time visibility into invoice and payment statuses without having to contact your Accounts Payable team.

Direct B2B/EDI connections: Your high-volume suppliers can have a direct, B2B integration via EDI or XML, so they can send invoices directly from their ERP systems without any manual effort.

Better adoption through interoperability: Even if your suppliers use other business networks to transmit financial data, they need not switch over. The interoperability feature can help you connect with them seamlessly, which means higher supplier adoption for you.

PDF/Paper invoices: The end-to-end intelligent automation features of our Invoice Processing HyperApp enable your AP team to handle invoices in any formats – PDFs or paper or electronic – without any manual effort. It extracts invoice data from multiple sources, classifies, learns, validates, seeks approvals and posts to downstream applications, thus saving 60-70% of your AP cost.

Got more questions on e-Invoicing? We're happy to share our experiences.

The Advantage


Speed offers an integrated, end-to-end automation experience that empowers non-technical business users to build apps faster, and enables enterprises to innovate at scale.

Scalability & Security

Scalability & Security is designed to scale with your business and to ensure high performance. We prioritize security and compliance, and have implemented robust measures to protect your data.

Real-time monitoring and analytics

Real-time monitoring and analytics

Gain deep visibility into your automated processes. Track key performance indicators, optimize workflows, and make data-driven improvements for maximum efficiency.

Flexibility & Collaboration

Flexibility & Collaboration

Business users can ensure that their perspectives are woven into the technology right from the start, reducing gaps in requirements, minimizing delays, and enhancing efficiency.

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