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Intelligent Invoice Processing for a Top Automaker’s AI-based Invoice Processing HyperApp was leveraged by the customer to overcome the challenges of handling a multi-country roll out.


Our client, one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, wanted to automate their finance and accounting processes.’s AI-based Invoice Processing HyperApp was leveraged by the customer to overcome the challenges of handling a multi-country roll out. Our HyperApp ensured that the customer was able to achieve 85% straight through processing over a 12-week period across a volume of 150,000 invoices per month for 5,000 suppliers.


Automating invoice processing in a centralized manner was becoming extremely complex for our client due to huge monthly volumes, varying formats and business rules specific to different supplier types. The client was depending on manual execution, making the process time-consuming and error prone. With increasing volumes, the F&A team was unable to meet the processing timelines. Implementing RPA did not yield results as expected, since most RPA solutions are rule-based, and are unable to handle frequent changes in invoice templates. New vendors, new invoice formats, changes in supplier status etc, made the initial RPA based approach completely unsuccessful.

Every time a new vendor was added to the system or an invoice with a new format was to be processed, or an invoice was delivered in a different format, or an existing supplier became a top supplier for the company, the invoice template had to be updated. This meant extensive changes to the invoice template. This was a continuous process and a maintenance nightmare. Since the customer worked with over 6000 suppliers, the range of invoice formats to be covered were huge and they were looking to integrate an automation solution to process at least 70% of the invoices, but this was complicated due to new formats coming in regularly.

Implementing RPA did not yield results as expected, since most RPA solutions are rule-based and do not fare well with complex processes or unstructured data.

Our approach helped the client address this issue by:

Leveraging’s AI based document extraction engine to automatically understand suppliers and their invoice formats without manually training each format.

Leveraging the human in the loop interface to correct errors while processing invoices and automatically improving the overall straight through processing using ML models.

Easily configuring validation rules for specific suppliers and geographies.

Deriving deep insights into suppliers, payments, and cash flows and improving business efficiency and experience.

The team studied the customer’s top suppliers, who contributed to the majority of invoices being processed. A combination of rule-based automation and ML models were applied to process all the invoice types using


How this worked

Learning new invoice formats in a jiffy

With its advanced AI-powered document understanding capability, learns new invoice formats registered by the operational resources into the ERP system quickly, without needing to create training data for ML models.

Creation of ML model used the “labelled” training data to create the ML model. It would automatically tune the hyper parameters and choose the right algorithm for predictions. For each field in the invoice which needed to be extracted, a model would be auto-created by

Applying the ML model

The began to apply the Machine Learning model it had created to each invoice for processing.

Validations, errors and exceptions

After validating the data, invoices were processed without any delays. Whenever an error or exception was encountered, flagged it up for manual intervention. In all, 15 exceptions were handled, which is equal to 90% of the exception coverage. It also self-learned how such errors and exceptions were being dealt with by a manual operator, and when it occurred again, it could decide by itself how to proceed, and process it all on its own.


Our Invoice Processing HyperApp helped our customer achieve improved efficiency levels to the tune of 85%, as well as a significant reduction in errors. This helped employees pivot from recurring manual tasks to focusing on more productive business initiatives.

Before was brought in to help, it took about a day to process one invoice. With our solution, the processing time dropped to 3 minutes. 90% of invoice processing was automated with the help of our solution. On the softer side, shift-based work has reduced for employees, resulting in a better work-life balance.

Our solution exceeded our customer’s defined goals. We helped them achieve ROI in 6 months rather than a year by delivering the highest accuracy rates and percentage of process automation and straight-through processing.

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