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ETL Simplified

Powerful, scalable, and easy to set up,’s Bulk Data Processing (ETL) module handles rapid data transformation operations involving millions of records around key enterprise processes such as customer onboarding, advisor transition, or others. Apart from pre-built data transformation interfaces, you can easily set up new ones with a few clicks on a visual screen—and save significant time in the process.

Transform your business with’s autonomous enterprise platform that empowers you to automate processes, streamline operations and drive innovation by assembling technology, without writing code. Our platform revolutionizes the way enterprises operate by putting the power of automation in your hands – so you have more time to focus on strategic decision-making and accelerating business growth.

Complexity requires agile automation

Complexity requires agile automation

Today’s complex and interconnected business processes are largely inefficient and error-prone. Developing new software applications to address these gaps, using traditional development methods, requires dedicated teams, which can be expensive and time-consuming to scale. As your business grows, you need a composable and automated technology infrastructure that learns and evolves within no time to support your agile growth plans.

Automate everything – in a jiffy

Automate everything – in a jiffy's no-code, AI-powered Autonomous Enterprise platform unlocks the true innovation potential of your enterprise. Leverage the power of automation without the need for complex technology expertise, and embark on your journey to business transformation.

Faster business transformation—With No-Code

AI-Powered Enterprise Automation

Say goodbye to manual processes and traditional coding. Our no-code platform empowers you to build and deploy automated workflows using a simple and intuitive visual interface. Drag and drop pre-built components, connect them together, and configure their behavior to create powerful automation solutions. The AI ‘brain’ enables the various widgets of the platform to extract data, understand data, make decisions, run ETL, and do much more.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence in a Snap’s easy-to-use AI components integrate seamlessly into your business-critical workflows, so you can leverage advanced natural language processing, machine learning and data analysis capabilities to improve efficiency and agility. Extract insights from a wide range of pre-integrated third–party systems, automate decision-making, and enhance customer experiences, without writing a single line of code.

Win Users Over with Personalized-UI Widgets

While mission-critical widgets for onboarding, documentation, and digitizing forms are available off-the-shelf, makes it easy for your business or product owners to assemble customized, rich-UI widgets that meet your business needs with just a few mouse clicks and deliver powerful personalized customer experiences faster.

Digitize Manual Processes End-to-End converts paper-based forms into interactive digital forms, and also automatically recognizes and extracts information such as date, name, address, item details, and more from .pdf documents such as invoices. It can also write data directly into those documents, and manage the lifecycle of those documents, end-to-end.

Unlock the Power of Your Data

Connect to various data sources, including databases, APIs, and cloud services, without coding.’s universal data model enables enterprises to tie together experiences across products and business lines. The platform provides a range of connectors and transformation tools to centralize, manipulate and enrich your data, unlock valuable insights for data-driven decision-making, and offer highly personalized omni-channel engagement experiences to customers.

Orchestrate Workflows with Ease

Need to manage complex workflows? No problem. With’s robust workflow designer, you can define the sequence of tasks, assign responsibilities, and set up conditional logic to handle a wide range of business scenarios. Visualize your workflows, track progress, and ensure efficient collaboration across teams.

Leverage Our Broad Ecosystem

Our platform integrates seamlessly with most popular enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, HR, and more. Leverage our extensive library of connectors and APIs to bridge the gaps between different applications and enable smooth data flow across your entire ecosystem.

The Advantage

Generative AI

Vertical solutions/HyperApps powered by AI enables you to deliver transformative ‘Hyper-automated Applications’ or ‘HyperApps’ that combine delightful user experiences with fully automated middle and back offices. You could pick any of our pre-built HyperApps for key processes such as Account Servicing, Customer Onboarding, or Invoice processing, or build your own in no time.

Sophisticated business domain-centric model

Sophisticated business domain-centric model

The platform is highly domain-aware. It enables business users—for example, from Financial Services—to create sophisticated solutions that involve complex data models, rich-UI screens and menus, sophisticated attributes, and linkages between business entities even without technical skills.


Speed offers an integrated, end-to-end automation experience that empowers non-technical business users to build apps faster, and enables enterprises to innovate at scale.

Flexibility & Collaboration

Flexibility & Collaboration

Business users can ensure that their perspectives are woven into the technology right from the start, reducing gaps in requirements, minimizing delays, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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