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Imagine your business application needs. JIFFY.ai Companion™ gets it done.

Liberate yourself from long, expensive, slow, and painful digital transformation initiatives. Introducing JIFFY.ai Companion™, which accelerates high-quality application development with a Generative AI-powered no-code platform, replacing legacy approaches to coding, and reducing dependencies on technical experts. Simply imagine your possibilities and JIFFY.ai Companion™ automatically helps you realize your vision in a jiffy.

Generative AI for Enterprise : For your Business application needs

JIFFY.ai Companion™ accelerates software development and helps you build innovative apps 10X faster than traditional methods.


Post-Covid, we have seen a significant push in digital transformation initiatives across enterprises. Several industry reports highlight the delays and failures because of inherent challenges. The legacy approach to building business applications has been one of the key reasons. On the one hand, it is slow, expensive, and time consuming, and on the other, user experiences and time to revenue are compromised. Moreover, conventional methods of building applications and enterprise-wide automation lacked effective collaboration and communication among developers, stakeholders and users, which invariably resulted in low-efficiency output.


Powered by Generative AI, JIFFY.ai Companion™ accelerates high-quality application development with an easy-to-use, no-code platform. By empowering you to build complex applications that delight your users and by automating your mid and back offices seamlessly, it brings you the potential to realize your vision for growth. Based on your needs, it can automatically create and automate business-centric workflows, perform intelligent document processing, digitize documents, build intuitive UI/UX, and develop complex integrations. JIFFY.ai Companion™ works as a virtual assistant to help you to design applications, providing you with real-time suggestions, intelligent recommendations and best practices for development, thereby boosting your productivity and accelerating your time-to-market.

Our AI-powered platform capabilities

How does Generative AI App Builder work?

JIFFY.ai Companion™ enables no-code application designers to build innovative solutions using business language. It can automatically build the relevant Business Objects needed for designing an application, determine their sophisticated inter-relationships, and populate them with sample data based on text inputs from users. Thereby, it streamlines every aspect of application design and empowers developers with an efficient and informed experience.

AI-based Digitizer

By converting paper-based forms into interactive digital forms, JIFFY.ai’s AI-powered Digitizer helps build streamlined, end-to-end digital experiences throughout document lifecycles. For example, you can transform a paper-based survey into an interactive digital survey, or take a customer onboarding form and create a unified digital onboarding experience–in a jiffy–using Digitizer. You can also modernize legacy physical forms to digital, gather data, communicate with third-party systems such as loan origination, core, ERP, and more.

AI-based Document Processing

JIFFY.ai’s AI-powered Document Processing solution enables you to extract relevant data from various types of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents such as ID cards, income statements, tax documents, utilities statements, receipts, driver’s licenses, invoices, and others. It automatically extracts and feeds data (date, name, address, ID, income, invoice amount, etc.) to the destination applications such as CRM, ERP, Account Processing Core (Fiserv, FIS, Jack Henry, etc), Loans, Payments, and others. JIFFY.ai adopts a hybrid approach to data extraction, so you can gain from AI’s predictive capabilities while learning from human inputs when exceptions arise. This places our document processing solution far ahead of most industry peers in terms of accuracy, scope, and user experience. For instance, a bank can add loan application details captured on their digital portal and generate a pre-filled .pdf document to send to the customer for e-signature and thus achieve end-to-end processing.

AI-powered Guided Tour

JIFFY.ai Companion™ automates the process of generating instructional materials and tutorials for technology applications. By analyzing the application's user interface, functionalities and interactions, the Generative AI-powered system generates step-by-step tutorials, user guides and documentation to help users understand and use it effectively. JIFFY.ai Companion™ automatically captures screenshots or recordings, annotates them with relevant instructions, and generates explanatory text or voice-over to provide a comprehensive and intuitive tutorial experience. It streamlines the manual creation process, reducing the burden on developers, and improving the user onboarding and learning experience.

The JIFFY.ai Advantage

HyperApps powered by Generative AI

HyperApps powered by Generative AI

JIFFY.ai Companion™ enables you to deliver transformative ‘Hyper-automated Applications’ or ‘HyperApps’ that combine delightful user experiences with fully automated middle and back offices. You could pick any of our pre-built HyperApps for key processes such as Account Servicing, Customer Onboarding, or Invoice processing, or build your own in no time.

Sophisticated business domain-centric model

Sophisticated business domain-centric model

The platform is highly domain-aware. It enables users to describe problems in business language—for example Financial Services—and automatically creates sophisticated solutions that involve complex data models, rich-UI screens and menus, sophisticated attributes, linkages between business entities, and even loads sample data for users to test.



JIFFY.ai Companion™ makes technology development easier and simpler by offering an integrated, end-to-end automation experience that empowers non-technical business users to build apps faster, and enabling enterprises to innovate at scale.

Flexibility & Collaboration

Flexibility & Collaboration

Business users can ensure that their perspectives are woven into the technology right from the start, reducing gaps in requirements, minimizing delays, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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