Robust Integrations

Seamless Workflow Builder

With this module, automates the workflow process completely, and saves the human effort spent on repetitive tasks such as servicing accounts, reporting, maintaining accounts, regulatory reporting, or decision-making (wherever applicable) within the enterprise. Pre-defined workflows driven by Machine Learning (ML) integrate with enterprise custodial systems to fetch data, validate them and route the record for any manual review or approval.

AI-powered Workflow Management Software & Automated Workflow Builder

AI-enhanced integration intelligence

Connect the Dots, Create WorkFlow Magic

Creating intricate workflows is as easy as connecting the dots with’s automated Workflow Builder module. Designed to empower business users to take the reins of automation, the module enables users to visually map out and orchestrate complex processes, without the need for coding expertise. Say ‘goodbye’ to time-consuming manual workflows and ‘hello’ to accelerated productivity.

Future-proof your business with adaptive integrations

Simplify Your Process Automation Journey

With the WorkFlow Builder’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, business users can effortlessly piece together each step of the workflow they envision. They can link pre-built components, set conditions, and define actions – all in a matter of minutes. Whether it's automating approvals, data processing, or customer journeys, this module empowers users to streamline operations and optimize efficiency.

AI-enhanced integration intelligence

Faster Workflows, Greater Agility

In today's fast-paced business landscape, where agility is a competitive advantage, the automated Workflow Builder enables enterprises to respond swiftly to changing requirements and market dynamics. It puts the power of automation into the hands of business users, reduces the reliance on IT resources and shortens the time taken to deploy automation solutions.

Respond faster to evolving business needs and accelerate your digital transformation journey by simplifying workflow design and execution with the potential of seamless automation with Automated Workflow Builder.

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