Use cases for the application of Intelligent Automation

Organizations from every industry have begun to embrace intelligent automation, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, to focus on growth and open opportunities. Read the following use cases to understand how the platform and process-specific HyperApps can support your end-to-end lifecycle management of automation.

Finance and accounting

Transforming finance and accounting processes

Companies that have implemented the app report that they have realized an ROI in six months or less. With, you can intelligently automate the most complex tasks, effectively and accurately.

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Airline Bookings

Hyperautomating group airline bookings, with its powerful hyperautomation capabilities, resolved thousands of hours of backlog in approximately six weeks. This helped the airline deliver a superior customer experience, despite the pandemic limitations.

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Automating Customer Service To Boost Team Efficiency

Automating customer service to boost team efficiency

Our platform ensures 30% reduction in response time, 40% reduction in dropped calls, 30% increase in agent efficiency, and an average call time reduction from 6 minutes to 3-4 minutes.

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KYC Process Automation with Intelligent ML, AI & RPA

KYC process automation with intelligent RPA helps transform your organization

Our app for KYC automation comes with cognitive capabilities, machine learning and natural language processing features, along with flexible end-to-end automation capabilities – both rule-based and intelligent.

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Test Automation for Retail Order Management Software

Intelligent testing automation for retail order management

Powered by AI and ML, continuous testing of the order management lifecycle ensures your processes are resilient, and you deliver superior experiences to your customers.

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