Use Cases

Transforming Finance and Accounting Processes

Companies that have implemented the app report that they have realized an ROI in six months or less.


Finance and accounting errors can lead to substantial losses, misrepresentation of earnings, and significant reputation impact. Many of the processes are susceptible to human error and oversight. A small mistake in one area could have repercussions throughout the company and beyond, and is a risk that you can’t afford. Finance and accounting teams need an automation tool that speeds up execution without compromising on accuracy.

With, you can intelligently automate the most complex tasks, effectively and accurately. Our pre-packaged, domain-ready apps and advanced automation capabilities are powered by a cognitive engine, advanced machine learning, and NLP capabilities. We can help clients streamline their critical finance and accounting processes with astounding ease and deliver significant business benefits along the way. transforms:

  • Journal Voucher Processing
  • Vendor onboarding and setup
  • Transactional data management
  • Payables/ receivables management
  • Risk management
  • Compliance improvement
  • Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Collections

Impact recently helped a leading European automobile manufacturer who faced challenges with their existing RPA implementation. Three of the client’s business-critical processes – Journal Voucher, Cash Apps and Expense Management – still required extensive manual intervention and were spinning out of the scope of traditional, rule-based RPA. This impacted both efficiency levels and processing timelines.

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