Adapt and grow faster with integrated retail automation

In the future, would you want to sell more online or offline?

Either way, customers expect an instinctive, seamless, and error-free experience while interacting with your brand. Driven by their demands and the pressures of expensive supply chains, labor costs and competition, automation is restructuring the retail business space. By replacing manual operations, reducing operational expenditure, and analyzing consumer behavior patterns, it is empowering enterprises to ride the waves of disruption and grow faster.

Intelligent automation with a human touch for Retail’s integrated intelligent platform combines the powers of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Analytics, Intelligent Document Processing and Natural Language Processing, and enables your teams to break free from the limitations of technology.

Delight your customers

The platform helps you streamline the inflow of customer and vendor data, and expedite all document processing and recording with the least human effort. It also accelerates processes like form filling or order status checking, eliminates the risk of errors, and passes on the relevant data to packing, delivery and support agents. So, your front-end teams can focus on delivering top-notch customer service.

Conquer your competition

With our AI-powered platform, you can gather insights on customer preferences and behavior crystallized from millions of multi-channel interactions. Based on these, you can transform your physical or digital store experience by bringing in new suppliers, launching fresh product lines or creating innovative bundled offers on the fly. Grab all the benefits of being an early mover in the market and make your customers love you all the more with ultra-personalized recommendations.

Streamline your processes

Using the easily configurable platform, your functional teams can build new applications through natural conversation and deploy them real time into production. By automating your key mid- and back-office processes, routine tasks such as quote-to-order and procure-to-pay become completely touchless and highly efficient. Human effort can be redistributed to where it is required the most. This brings down operational expenditure, and boosts turnaround time.

Integrated automation for a US Retailer

Discover how one of the oldest retailers in the US used our intelligent platform to automate everything from order capture to fulfilment, warehouse management, refunds, and call center management.

End-to-end retail lifecycle automation’s Integrated Retail Automation solution helps you to automate enterprise processes end-to-end and accelerate innovations in products, services and delivery. While boosting human potential, it also retains the invaluable human touch that accentuates customer relationships.

Product Listing

Validates product data against master data checklist, checks for duplications, adds new products to the master sheet, and acknowledges vendors.

Vendor / Customer Onboarding

Collects supplier / customer details and supporting proofs, extracts data from a wide range of documents, and pushes to target applications with minimal human effort.

Order Processing

Monitors customer portal, emails or other sources for new sale orders, classifies and validates data, and creates customized orders in target application within SLAs.


Fast, accurate and flexible F&A reconciliation with real-time visibility into the close process; manages workflows, enforces policies, and integrates with other systems.

Unified Accounts Payable

Hybrid document processing engine with constantly evolving self-learning machine models that enable straight-through processing for any type of invoices at scale.

Master Data Management

Learns customer preferences based on demographic data, social media behavior, purchase patterns, and other parameters; brings insights to improve personalized shopping experience.


Predicts product demand based on historical data and recent trends; AI adjusts inventory, staffing, distribution, and delivery in real-time.

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Faster Processing



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