Use Cases

Automated testing of order management lifecycle for retailers

Powered by AI and ML, Assure makes your testing process intelligent. Continuous testing of the order management lifecycle ensures your processes are resilient, and you deliver superior experiences to your customers.


Every time a product is purchased online, the retailer has to perform a number of steps before they are able to deliver the product to the customer. A typical order management lifecycle starts with the order being recorded at the backend, followed by order confirmation, order scheduling and release, order shipping, payment processing, delivery, and in some cases returns processes, all of these combined with relevant communication to the customer every step of the way.

This is complex and expensive, and there is always the possibility of the process breaking down, leading to losses and dissatisfied customers. Assure is a package ready solution for retailers that can be deployed easily and quickly, and works seamlessly across your entire testing lifecycle. Assure uses cognitive automation powered by AI and ML algorithms for intelligent test generation, test optimization, execution, and reporting.

Our client realized:

65% cost savings. in 3 years, totalling $1.3 million.

Regression cycle reduction from 5 days with 60% coverage to 1 day with 95% test case coverage.

$100,000 savings from early detection of defects that could have gone unnoticed in a manual process.

$120,000 savings in labor reduction.

Impact worked with one of the oldest retailers in the US and Canada to automate and test 4 banners. We implemented a common automation platform for all banners, which could automate everything right from order capture to order fulfilment, warehouse management, refunds, and call center management.

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