Use Cases

Helping Telecom Customer Service Teams in Times of Crisis with Automation platform ensures 30% reduction in response time, 40% reduction in dropped calls, 30% increase in agent efficiency, and an average call time reduction from 6 minutes to 3-4 minutes.


With the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacting global infrastructure, there has been a sudden switch to a work from home culture. While this has been great for our commutes, the truth is we weren’t really prepared for such a big transition, so fast.

Facing the heat directly are Telecom companies. Not only are they struggling with the need to step up their systems and infrastructure, but they are also having to cope with extreme pressure on their customer service teams. These teams need to handle a surge in customer concerns at great speed and address calls within SLA timeframes.’s expertise in automated help desk assistance comes to the rescue. We implement specific workflow automation that eliminates the need for manual intervention from agents and improves overall speed to resolution. At the beginning of a customer interaction, our automation app can identify unresolved queries in real-time, and pick them up from the queue. Information about the query is gathered, classified and prioritized. An Oracle system is then used to track and trace the queries, and the app updates the data based on the request.

We ensure:

24/7/365 global support with increased customer satisfaction

Live monitoring of the system with bots taking corrective action

Uptime SLA guarantee of 99.9% with service credits

Impact can automate and speed up the entire customer support helpdesk operations by handling inbound queries on a priority basis so customers are served on a first come, first served basis.

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