FIS Emerald

FIS Emerald 2023 gave us a fabulous opportunity to connect with a number of industry leaders. We were also able to open up deeper partnership opportunities with FIS. Here's a snapshot.

Fast-track your digital transformation's AI-powered composable enterprise platform and HyperApps, purpose-built for financial services, deliver delightful digital experiences for customers, intelligent automation that drives operational efficiency, and effective risk and compliance management.

Banking Automation with AI - Move beyond RPA in Banking


So many customer touchpoints and cumbersome external integrations! How do you create a seamless customer experience when all these are disjointed, processes are manual and error-prone, and workflows are slow?

Solution’s pre-built intelligent applications help you to simplify operational processes and workflows end-to-end – from onboarding to servicing – so you can reallocate time spent on repetitive tasks to building customer relationships.

Jon Hendry

" We care deeply about optimizing our clients' financial health, and to that end, our goal was to unify their experience across multiple business and product lines, to ensure they have unhindered access to all of the services they need.'s AI-powered platform enabled us to integrate all of our core applications and deliver an innovative and delightful client experience, quickly and easily. "

Jon Hendry, EVP and Chief Technology Officer

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