JIFFY.ai will be at CES 2023, the global stage for innovation

At the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023, Jan 5-8, Las Vegas), the JIFFY.ai Media team will be joining some of the biggest brands and the sharpest innovators from across the globe to evangelize our Autonomous Enterprise Cloud platform and explore opportunities for synergy.


Our platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to bring innovative automation to a surprising range of operations within the Media & Advertising sphere. It helps agencies, marketers and publishers to create efficiencies in their business processes, thereby yielding transformational results.


It integrates the powers of no-code based software development, Intelligent Document Processing, Natural Language Processing, RPA, Machine Learning, and AI with an overarching human-in-the-loop approach to fuel the next generation of enterprise applications.

It brings AI-powered automation to the buy- and sell-side media operations workflow.

For example, it automates the execution of a digital advertising campaign end to end, utilizing the publishers existing systems and workflows—starting with the ingestion of all insertion orders and campaign details, uploading them in the order management system of choice, associating the designed creative files and trackers, and trafficking the campaign in Google Ad Manager.

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CES is the most influential tech event in the world — the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. On this global stage, we hope to feature JIFFY.ai as a digital transformation partner enabling customers in the Marketing Advertising and Entertainment Content industries to meet emerging challenges.

See you in Vegas!

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