Accelerate Digital Transformation with AUTOMATE

Empower your teams to innovate faster by automating their workflows end-to-end with our easy-to-use intelligent automation platform, AUTOMATE. Integrate all your business processes that require document extraction, business workflow automation, RPA and ML seamlessly. Maximize your automation ROI and scale your business rapidly.

What are the Benefits of the Automation Platform?

Scale business processes as you grow. Easier.

Design automation applications for any complex enterprise processes with AUTOMATE's simple drag-and-drop UI; implement, manage, and monitor processes using its analytic capabilities.

Achieve sustainable ROI for automation. Faster.

Get the best out of RPA, ML, OCR and AI enterprise technologies with our extensible and reusable app-based intelligent automation platform. Built for scale and speed.

Augment human intelligence with automation. Smarter.

Liberate your workforce from repetitive tasks with end-to-end business process digital automation; let intelligent automation bridge the gaps in your enterprise automation landscape so your employees can focus on higher-value work.


Top 6 reasons why customers love our intelligent automation platform

Beyond Robotic Process Automation

RPA solutions require up-front investments and long development cycles, and yet churn out far too many exceptions that require human intervention. AUTOMATE solves this problem using advanced AI and ML technology.

Rapid, Effective, Scalable

AUTOMATE makes rapid design and deployment a reality through low-code automations. It reserves human involvement in the workflow for high-value decisions. Your ROI surges when you reuse components for similar enterprise processes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership’s volume-based subscription model allows you to forecast expenses. HyperApps built on the AUTOMATE platform lower your total cost of ownership significantly through reusability of components, extensibility, and scalability.

Intelligent Competitive Edge

Leveraging our automation platform, you can delight your customers with speed, agility, and accuracy in business processes. With the rapid adoption of AI and ML, you can be more innovative and resilient in the face of change.

Exceptional Employee Experience

Your digital native employees expect to use automated tools for repetitive back-office tasks, and focus their creative energy on customer-facing responsibilities that help grow business. AUTOMATE helps to engage your employees in higher-value work and reduce churn.

Digital Transformation and Continuous Improvement

End-to-end process automation brings in measurable workflow improvements. Best of all, intelligent automations work on top of existing systems: No need to “rip and replace” your existing infrastructure.

How Can Digital Automation with AUTOMATE Future-Proof Your Business?

An enterprise intelligent automation platform for all your business processes

AUTOMATE enables you to develop vertical specific automation apps incorporating AI, RPA, document processing, ML, workflows and analytics on a cloud-native, multi-tenant platform.

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How Will You Automate Better and Faster?

Telecom Automation: Glowing lines of telecommunication

Document Processing:
Straight-Through and Touchless

Only AUTOMATE has a hybrid document processing engine with self-learning machine models that can handle complex and diverse document types, so you don’t have to create machine models from scratch.

  • High processing throughput volume: 300 documents in 5 minutes. (Leading competitor takes 5 minutes for 5 documents)
  • Highest straight-through ‘touchless’ processing (80-85%)
  • Built-in deep learning OCR engine; integrates seamlessly with third-party OCR solutions
Two Co-Workers High Fiving while Using Automation in Telecom Industry

Enterprise-scale Automation, Now Easier and More Secure

A native machine learning workspace that lets business users build automations and train exceptions leveraging ML models – truly democratizing automation.

  • Digital automation builder with configurable workflows
  • Built-in orchestration
  • Security / execution control - ISO/IEC 27001: 2013, ISO 27701 Certified and SSAE 18 - SOC 2 Type II, GDPR Compliant
Telecom Automation: Glowing lines of telecommunication

App-based Automations: Build Once, Deploy Anywhere’s powerful automation studio allows you to automate beyond tasks, integrate automation with native document processing, workflow, ML and analytics—with a few clicks.

  • Configurable HyperApps for specific verticals
  • Joint development and partner development framework
  • Consultative approach to digital automation
Two Co-Workers High Fiving while Using Automation in Telecom Industry

Flexible Deployment: Use As You Grow, Pay As You Use

Cloud-native platform available in a multi-tenant architecture that can be deployed on public, private or hybrid Cloud.

  • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment
  • RPA-as-a-Service; Usage-based pricing
  • Dynamic scaling and load balancing

Intelligent Digital Automation Insights

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This e-Book shows you what sets automation leaders apart from beginners, and how they enable benefits like significantly lower human involvement in enterprise processes, quicker ROI, and enhanced compliance. Learn how to leverage sustainable automation for long-term business transformation and growth.

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Intelligent Digital Automation Delights

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An Automation Platform that Unlocks Industry Opportunities

Banking & Financial Services

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Future-oriented financial service providers are eliminating repetitive document-intensive work from their mid- and back- offices to ensure timeliness, speed to market, and great customer experiences. Learn how our scalable low-code intelligent automation platform makes rapid development and deployment a reality in areas such as Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management and Mortgage Processing.

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Leverage Automation to Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences

Automation embedded with advanced AI and ML can build the right technology backdrop for your future growth. While our sustainable automation platform can help you offer a seamless journey to customers, it can also render your service delivery spotless with predictive analytics for peak loads, speed, traffic, security and preventive maintenance.

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Customers Speak

The team went above and beyond to turn (our) automation around in such a short time. On behalf of our company, we are very grateful for your heroic efforts. You are helping us to make our AUTOMATE program a success and help us deliver value to our customers. This is especially critical for us at this uncertain (COVID) time.
RPA Manager
Leading U.S. Airline

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See how we can help you conquer the future.

See how we can help you conquer the future.