What is Workflow Automation Software?

XOflow process management software empowers a company's non-technical staff to easily create, test and implement robust information management and business process applications that precisely meet their business team's needs and that can be quickly changed to meet new challenges or requirements.

Workflow automation software delivers tangible results for a wide range of departments, such as:

Call Center

XOflow offers pre-existing building blocks to create a flexible toolset to quickly and simply configure and deploy best-fit solutions for any business team's needs.

XOflow vs. Other Work Management Alternatives

Spreadsheets, off-the-shelf software and custom software all offer some promise as work management solutions, but each involves some serious roadblocks.

While they're highly adaptable, spreadsheets are often a poor fit because there's no way to appropriately represent, enforce or validate most structured information. They also fail to provide a current, up-to-the-minute view of your information flow and business processes. Once copied and shared, a spreadsheet simply shows what already happened, not what's happening now.

Off-the-shelf software rarely provides a good fit because, by its very nature, it's designed for broad-market use cases — it can't be tailored to meet every business team's specific needs.

Although a good fit initially, custom software is expensive and time-consuming to develop and launch. Once implemented, it also can be difficult for business teams to adapt, instead requiring the involvement of an often-overworked development team.

XOflow, on the other hand, offers pre-built, well-tested building blocks that business teams can use to configure and adapt work management solutions that meet their particular needs.

8 Key Features of XOflow Workflow Automation Software

XOflow is specifically designed to capture the nuances of your information and business management processes. It takes business software development to the next level with robust features:


Infrastructure - Your XOflow applications are founded on this definition of your organizational structure.


Forms - These represent your business concepts and related information.


Workflows - Configured to specific forms, workflows reflect and standardize your business processes.


Reporting - XOflow provides a wide range of capabilities to meet your reporting requirements without the need for stand-alone business reporting software.


Access and onboarding - Ease-of-use enables you to quickly onboard users and give them the appropriate level of access.


Audit and logging - There's no need for separate audit software with XOflow's powerful audit and logging capabilities.


System integration - XOflow allows you to integrate your own information systems as well as connect with customers, vendors and other partners.


Uptime and support - Reliability and dependability are the keystones of XOflow workflow automation software.

Learn more about the features of XOflow and how they can meet your workflow automation needs.

12 Benefits of XOflow Process Management Software

At its core, XOflow delivers enterprise-grade work management solutions that are easy to configure, test and deploy. This translates into meaningful benefits like:


Turn-key - XOflow has the hosting resources you need for an all-in-one solution.


Fit and adaptable - We offer business workflow software that matches your processes and adapts easily as circumstances change.


Centralized - With a centralized approach, XOflow connects applications logically.


Security - XOflow implements security at every level, including isolated hosting, execution and data storage environments.


Agility - XOflow enables your team to respond rapidly to emerging needs.


Oversight - As a work-in-process management platform, XOflow allows real-time oversight for your processes.


Consistency - We provide standardized and auto-generated layouts, screens and dashboards to deliver a consistent user experience across the boards.


Integrity - Because maintaining the integrity of your information is crucial, XOflow reduces data entry errors and allows you to see who made what changes and when.


Engaging - Business teams won't use workflow automation software that's laborious and difficult to manage. XOflow offers the ease-of-use that will keep your teams engaged in the process.


Protection - With XOflow, you can set specific access permissions for each user.


Reliability - XOflow is a tested, field-proven software with frequent backups.


Collaborative - Collaboration at the team level is often the key to success. XOflow provides the tools your teams need to make collaboration a reality.

See how the advantages and benefits of XOflow can enhance and streamline your operation.

Learn How XOflow Workflow Automation Software Can Make a Difference in Your Business