Finance & Accounting Automation Platform

Automate Document-Intensive F&A Processes

Conventional RPA solutions cannot capture meaningful data from poorly scanned, unstructured documents. Scans of handwritten entries require deep learning-based OCR. Your F&A automation must extract critical information from multiple formats such as PDF and image files, as well as spreadsheets and word processing packages – all in multiple languages. Our Automate platform lets you build complete process automations with intelligent document processing, artificial intelligence and natural language processing capabilities that minimize downstream impacts at the very beginning of your workflows.

Automate Repetitive F&A Workflows

Manual workflows such as invoice processing, reconciliations and vendor onboarding are plagued by manual errors that creep into boring, repetitive tasks. The result: excessive processing time as well as inconsistent reviews and approvals. The Automate platform includes advanced technology that assures true end-to-end automations. Slash processing time, improve accuracy to near-perfect levels, assure compliance with regulations and SLAs, and redeploy your workforce to high-value tasks.

Actionable Insights from F&A Process Automation

Configurable dashboards that capture real-time data are key to your digital transformation strategy. The Automate platform gathers data from many sources such as spreadsheets, ERP systems, ledgers, banks and more. Built in machine learning and AI help managers discover actionable insights on critical tasks that include regulatory reporting, journal processing and financial ratios analysis.

Automate Compliance and Internal Audit Reporting

The Automate platform uses advanced technology that quickly and accurately processes multiple file formats from varied sources. The digital processes that you build in Automate apply rules across the data set. Results identify accounting errors and potential fraudulent practices. Your organization saves money, uncovers subtle risks to your stakeholders, and slashes manual effort by as much as 90 percent.

Improve Complex Processes with Automate

Invoice Processing

Index, extract, validate and process invoices. Integrate with ERP and accounting systems. Cut operation time by 85 percent or more.

General Ledger Clearing

Reduce 80 percent of effort or more when you automatically clear large volumes of open items across accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Goods Receipt to Invoice Matching

Cognitive bots match goods receipts to invoices. Improve on-time payments by 85 percent.


Automate 90 percent of your reconciliation process, eliminate 80 percent of errors, and cut turnaround time by 60 percent.

Compliance Reporting

Quickly and accurately identify accounting errors and fraudulent practices. Uncover risks to your stakeholders. Reduce manual effort by as much as 90 percent.

Sales Reconciliation

Reconcile 100 percent of sales and CRM applications with financial applications.

Digital Transformation with Automate and HyperApps

Beyond Robotic Process Automation

Conventional robotic process automation solutions require up-front investments, long development cycles, and an “automation” that produces far too many exceptions that require human intervention. World class enterprises solve this problem with advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Rapid, Effective, Scalable

Low-code automations make rapid development and deployment a reality. Reserve human involvement in your automated workflow for high-value decisions, and enable your workforce to focus on growth. Your return on investment improves when you when you reuse your solutions for similar processes.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

No up-front investment required.’s volume-based subscription bolsters your ROI case and allows you to forecast expenses. HyperApps lower your total cost of ownership, which enables you to invest into the rest of your business.

AI That Meets Customer Expectations

Mature financial services companies that transformed their workflows with artificial intelligence are not your only threat. Today’s startups design their business processes around technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. These competitors capture advantages in capabilities that your clients expect, such as speed, agility, and accuracy.. These leaders are well-positioned to take advantage of the next technological iteration.

Automate Your Employee Experience

Your growth prospects depend as much on your employees as your business model. The millennial and Gen Z cohorts consider a digital work environment to be table stakes. Digital natives expect to use automated tools to engage back-office functions, as well as to perform customer-facing responsibilities. Automation reduces employee turnover and enables your workforce to focus creative energy on solutions that grow your business.

Digital Transformation and Continuous Improvement

Workflows that require input from several data or process silos are sweet spots for automation and artificial intelligence. End-to-end process automation makes your enterprise more resilient and returns measurable workflow improvements. Best of all, intelligent automations work on top of existing systems: No need to “rip and tear” or overhaul existing infrastructure.

Clients Speak has the ability to process complex PDFs, work with legacy systems, comply with our software security needs, and are a good partner.

Tamra Butler, RPA Manager

Southwest Airlines really helped us take away heavy year-end workload and let us focus on year closing activity.

Mah Johnson

International Organisation (Public Health), Malaysia

(The team) went above and beyond to turn (our) automation around in such a short time. On behalf of [our company], we are very grateful for your heroic efforts. You are helping us to make our Automate program a success and help us deliver value to our customers. This is especially critical for us at this uncertain (COVID) time.

RPA Manager

Leading US Airline

Thank you for all your heroic efforts over the last few months. We have together made a ton of progress! We thank you for your dedication, hard work, long hours, and partnership in this RPA journey!

Managing Director, Business Transformation

Leading US Airline

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