What are HyperApps?

JIFFY.ai HyperApps are low-code applications that help you achieve true end-to-end business process automation in your enterprise functions. Being "low-code", they can be designed and deployed quickly. They can assure "true automation" by reserving human participation in your business workflows only for high-value tasks.

Moreover, the automated workflows connect seamlessly with third-party business systems such as ERP and CRM. So, you see, HyperApps deliver workflow automation that makes a real digital difference in your business.

What can HyperApps do for you?

JIFFY.ai HyperApps provide intelligent process automation that enables your enterprise teams to work smarter. They are highly efficient business process automation tools that generate accurate and tangible results.

Let’s take your Finance & Accounting team for example. Accounts Payable is a key function which is heavily dependent on the experience and efficiency of your staff. It sucks in valuable time, effort and cost. By automating your invoice processing workflow end-to-end, JIFFY.ai’s Invoice Processing HyperApp helps to reduce cost by 70%, errors by 98%, and boosts straight-through processing by 100%.

Easy to use; Rocket-fast learning

With our HyperApps, automating your enterprise processes is as easy as ‘drag-drop-and-connect’-ing low-code nodes on a desktop screen most familiar to your business users. Of course, apart from what meets your eyes, there are highly sophisticated layers of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that learn and accelerate your workflows and minimize the time your staff spends on handling exceptions — but you don’t have to worry about all those; we’ve got them for you!

Rapid set-up, Peak efficiency

Our low-code process workflow software can be built up and deployed quickly either on cloud or on premise. Without depending on the IT team, your business users can automate workflows once and focus on growth forever. What’s more, they can reuse these automations for similar processes across the enterprise. Multiple automations at no extra cost means multifold efficiency.

Low maintenance, High scalability

Spend less on customizations and worry lesser about scaling in the future. Our volume-based subscription model will help you to forecast expenses and pay-as-you-grow. Business process automation with HyperApps ensures lower total cost of ownership and huge savings in time and effort. HyperApps bring HyperSavings.