Service Ticketing HyperApp

Service tickets are an automation sweet spot

On average, it can take a human up to 15 minutes to create and assign a service ticket. Data entry errors and incorrectly assigned tickets cause more bottlenecks. This problem is an automation sweet spot for a SaaS-based HyperApp that incorporates robotic process automation, cognitive artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as workflow and analytical capabilities.

Coexists with existing service ticket systems’s Service Ticket HyperApp is cloud native but can also be implemented on premise. It easily integrates with existing ticket handling systems – no need to scrap your current investment or pay for new implementations and training. Low code/no code HyperApps accelerate development time, reduce your total cost of ownership, improve ROI and are easy for business users to manage.

Machine learning automates problem solving

Cognitive machine learning and artificial intelligence “teaches” the HyperApp how your agents handle service tickets. Robotic process automation applies these insights to resolve open tickets automatically. When a HyperApp cannot resolve a ticket, the same learning capability reroutes the ticket, and its diagnostic information, to the correct agent.

Better automation improves customer satisfaction

The Service Ticket HyperApp assigns complex cases to the right agent at the right time, with the right diagnostic information. This seamless hand-off helps your service agents resolve problems promptly and accurately. Your team’s performance will improve, they will achieve better service level agreement compliance, and increase customer satisfaction overall.

Automation that continuously learns

HyperApps are continuous self-learners. Tickets, along with the actions taken to resolve problems, are fed into a predictive engine so that the HyperApp can adapt based on recent tickets. The HyperApp is easily scalable as it continuously adapts to recent trends, including sudden spikes in ticket volume.

Visibility for service ticket automation’s customizable dashboard enables supervisors to track the HyperApp’s operational status such as:

  • Number of auto-assigned tickets.
  • Compliance with service level agreements.
  • Check unresolved tickets and alert supervisors.
  • Alerts and escalations that suggest new trends. in Action

Make Data-Driven Decisions and Improvements

Powerful analytics dashboard helps supervisors analyze and understand all the tickets in the workflow so they can make data-driven decisions for process improvements and team optimizations.

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