Automation unites Telecoms’ digital transformation

How fast can you innovate? How quickly can your business pivot when markets suddenly shift? Your answers depend on how well your company manages digital transformation. Offerings and business processes must be supported by true end-to-end automation in the telecom industry. More than conventional RPA, our platform delivers no code/low code process automations that leverage advanced technologies like telecom RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Telecom Automation Solutions

Advanced automation delivers digital transformation

Smart cities, 5G, edge computing, and dynamic industry sectors require advanced end-to-end automation in telecommunications’ digital transformation solutions. High connectivity is the basis for growth, which makes telecoms the lifeblood of every enterprise and each community they serve. Use AUTOMATE to build digital processes that help you predict peak loads, traffic, and preventative maintenance.

Automation in the Telecom industry delivers on increasing customer expectations

A borderless economy and a virtual world demand a proliferation of consumer experiences. Over-the-top apps such as video chat, collaboration tools, and omnichannel customer care from a hybrid workforce makes predictable telecom connectivity more vital than ever. AUTOMATE creates workflows and processes with built-in artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning for advanced RPA in telecom. These advanced technologies keep you in front of problems that can impact your network’s speed and reliability.

Telecom automation improves customer service and onboarding

Onboarding often requires more than 100 steps, but your customers demand a simple and seamless buyer’s journey. Use AUTOMATE to create digital processes that help service desks and customer care centers improve their performance with better analytics. Automation embedded with advanced AI and machine learning can move your customers through most onboarding and service tasks quickly and correctly. In the meantime, your human service force uses entirely new skill sets to resolve the complex problems that can make or break customer relationships.

The next frontier: Automate security

Personal connectivity and proliferated IoT devices have made fraud detection and security the next telecom frontier. Create workflows in AUTOMATE that use telecom RPA, AI and machine learning to monitor alarms and events. These advanced technologies support home- and office-based workforces so that you can quickly discover where problems originate, troubleshoot nearly every alert, and stay in front of network issues.

Improve complex processes with AUTOMATE

The AUTOMATE platform provides end-to-end automation in the Telecom industry to effectively improve your business.

Service Ticket

Ticketing process without human intervention. Our automated service ticket intelligence solution uses machine learning to diagnose and fix most problems.

Predictive Analytics

Use your data to predict hardware failures and software crashes. Deploy proactive repairs to avoid service outages and maintain your uptime SLAs.

Maintain Connectivity / Uptime

Quickly and accurately validate alarms. Rapidly discover where the trouble originates and automatically resolve nearly every alert.

Call Routing

Telecom RPA, machine learning and AI move calls and data packets, maintain high quality audio and assure correct routing.

Customer Onboarding

Automate onboarding and KYC functions. Collect data at initial contact, create accounts, manage payments, and update databases.

Billing Cycles

Create invoices, access payment centers, process payments, update customer records, and produce receipts.

Office automation improves Telecom customer support help desks

The pressure on telecom networks increased when COVID-19 forced a telecom’s global workforce to work from home. Help desk teams struggled with customer inquiry volumes. was the answer to improving their help desk operations and increasing agents’ efficiency by 30%.

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