HR Diaries: The importance of timely appreciation in workplace. 

by Payeli Ghosh, Chief People, Marketing and Operations Officer | Posted on Friday July 28, 2023

At the office, we’re constantly on the move to meet the deadlines, hit the goal in the bull’s eye and get started with the next task. A couple of minutes by the water cooler, over a sip of coffee at the canteen or a fleeting brush past in the corridors was when we exchanged a quick thank you or appreciated the help. 

With team members dotting the globe and working from across countries with newer concepts like WFH and Flexi Locations, work became entirely task oriented. The water cooler isn’t the meet-up spot and the coffee breaks aren’t with teammates. 

For a holistic work environment, we, at figured that we should take a minute out, head over (virtually, at least) to our peers, managers and every teammate to give them a word of appreciation and gratitude. Give them a space to celebrate their wins when they matter the most. NOW. 

 Here’s what we had to tackle: this is an age of Instagram stories and Snapchat where instant gratification is the trend. But, the sentiment rarely sticks in the flood of content. So we crafted our own framework to facilitate a chain and culture of appreciation for a task well done, smart thinking or even just being patient through the project. After all, people had the right intent and just needed a platform that would help them express themselves. 

Welcome to’s appreciation program. 

From a peer to a manager, everybody in the team shares a dynamic that goes beyond titles and hierarchies. To encourage and celebrate the oneness a team shares, we’ve launched our Appreciation Program that has clicked so well with our JIFFYians. 

We take a moment to write a note and share gratitude and appreciation with a fellow teammate. Acknowledge their effort, let them know they’re seen and keep the cycle of wholesome validation going. 

The Joy of being a JIFFYian lies in relishing the small things and it is truly heartwarming to see managers and peers come together to appreciate each other. The most important thing in the program is intent, the titles and ranks don’t come into play. 

 An appreciation program works so beautifully only when our fellow JIFFYians take part in the cause with wholehearted enthusiasm so here’s a big thank you everyone at team You made this work. Kudos to you! 

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